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this is where i'm going to post all of the pictures, videos, &ideas for my big day so that when the time comes to actually begin planning my wedding, i'll have a relatively organized place to look at &remember all the ideas i've had or found :)
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Every guest gets a snapshot and a chance to write down advice

What a wonderful idea, this is happening.

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DIY Engagement Gift Box

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Supplies (Time: 30 Minutes // Cost: Approximately $20-30)

Magazine File (IKEA Kassett)
download Congrats text (or design your own – font used is “Alex Brush”)
A digital photo of the couple
2 sheets of 8.5 x 11” adhesive label paper (we used Staples Sticker Paper)
One pair of scissors
X-acto knife and cutting mat
tissue paper
1 large cellophane bag
A card and wedding related goodies

Step 1: Print and Prepare your labels. Using your computer, blow up your photo to the size indicated by the photo placeholder template. When ready, print the photo template page and the “Congrats” text on your sticker paper.

Step 2: Cut + place your labels. For the photo and side elements, grab your cutting mat and x-acto knife. You’ll need the x-acto knife for the front cutout, and a cutting mat (or paper cutter) can be used to cut the photo with straight edges. For the “Congrats” text, use your scissors to carefully cut a loose border around the edges. Peel away photo and side labels and place on file. You will want to work from the edge to ensure there aren’t any air bubbles.

Step 3: Insert all your goodies into your magazine file and tuck a few pieces of tissue paper inside for the finishing touch. Then wrap the whole thing in cellophane and tie it all together with a beautiful satin ribbon.

If this is being given as a group gift, you may even want all the bride’s friends to use a sharpie to sign the magazine file itself. Here are some fun ideas of what to place in your magazine file to provide your bride with great inspiration: a Congratulations card, wedding mags, card with wedding blog musts, passed down wedding books, stylish pen + pencil, notepad, sticky notes, thank you notes, your own piece of advice if you’re already married!

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60’s Rock N Roll Reception Inspiration


Custom Joseph Jewelry Engagement Rings For Brides & Grooms

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